I received a masters in Educational Technology from Texas A & M Corpus Christi in 2013. Here is a sampling of some of my work.

Research Papers

  • Investigating the Need for a Learning Content Management System

  • Adding Web Conferencing to Online Training

  • Using a Tessellation Program as a Mindtool

  • Howard Rheingold's Five Media Literacies

    Other Projects

  • Instructional Design project using the Dick, Carey & Carey model

  • Advanced Instructional Design assignment - How to Build a Fence

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) project using technical integration

  • Digital Storytelling with Dana Atchley

  • A Tessellation WebQuest - download program

  • MindMaps

  • Using PowerPoint for a simple course and digital storytelling.

  • An instructional tool for course creators for mobile devices.

  • SWOT industry reports for USAA and Coca Cola in a management course

  • my masters