Most of the tools I made are proprietary to NCR. I have linked a screen shot of each as an example. They include:
  • WeBiT - a SCORM compliant course development tool
  • WebQuiz - a tool for generating randomized tests and exercises
  • Style Editor - tool to assist in creating customized style sheets
  • HTML Editor - a simple HTML page editor
  • SMI Editor - creates closed captioning for MS Producer and stand alone HTML pages
  • SCORM-Trooper - an LCMS that assembles objects into a SCORM compliant package
  • Datasaurus - a learning management tool for administrative use to track student activity
  • e-Calendar - Flash based calendar for students to link to course requirements
  • e-Facilitator - instructor managed monitoring of student activity with student check-offs
  • SimU - text based simulation branching with scoring
  • Upwrite, Crosswords, WordSearch and more - games to encourage learning

Here is a design tool I wrote to create patterns.

Here is an iPhone app for a radio network.
  • WRN app - streams three English stations and four Spanish stations


Here are some courses I have written.

While working with NCR, I have helped create hundreds of courses that are inside NCR's firewall. I have also converted New Life Behavioral courses to the web.

Web Sites

These are some of the websites I have created.

my projects